Raw materials are selected by hand; few ingredients are used and no preservatives are added. A lot of passion goes in to our work and infinite patience is needed in waiting for the weather and the winds of the east to take their course.

Brigante Lucano is a company engaged in the breeding and processing of the black Lucano pig in a semi-wild state. In the upper Basento Valley, 860 metres above sea level, atop the slopes of Monte Cenapora lies the medieval village of Vaglio Basilicata. It is here where the Brigante Lucano farm covers an area of ​​20 hectares amongst oak wood forests and unspoilt Mediterranean scrub. A place traditionally for worship to the goddess "Mephitis" and an important exchange centre between the Magnagrecia and the imposing city of Rome, it is within this area that ancient stories and traditions have been handed down over the centuries. Brigante Lucano provide an ideal habitat for the animals to live in harmony with the environment and a guaranteed respect for their daily wellbeing. They are free to graze on roots, acorns and wild herbs with the addition of organic flour made of cereals, legumes, corn and bran, further enriched with pure spring water. All raw ingredients are carefully selected by hand without the addition of preservatives. In addition to Brigante Lucano’s experience, love and passion for their work allows for the production of high quality salumi which continues to be handcrafted according to traditional methods. Above all however, an infinite patience is needed to wait for the weather and winds of the east to take their course. It is a love story with an ancient flavour in which Brigante Lucano look forward to the future by learning from the past, preserving these ancient traditions...

Places of worship to the goddess "Mephitis" and an important exchange centre between the Magnagrecia and the imposing city of Rome, containing ancient stories handed down over the centuries.

We were born in Basilicata and therefore, as a rule, would like to call us "Basilicatesi" but instead we call ourselves Lucani. Our story is intertwined with that of other Italic and European peoples in which the best periods when it was a land of immigration.


Brigante Lucano has embarked on an alternative path in terms of slaughtering and maturing of its products. We slaughter only our pigs from October to February, thus guaranteeing a slow and qualitative change of generation within our breeding bringing our pigs to an excellent maturation that varies from 18 to 22 months of age.

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